The media

Communicating through media (including social media) is a great way to spread a message instantly. Should the media cover your story, thousands of people will see and hear your message, raising awareness about your family member. However, information you provide, although unintentional, may not convey the message you intended. Before you speak to the media (or post to social media) please contact the primary investigator assigned.

If you should decide to speak with the media, be prepared and poised. You will be more likely to express your thoughts clearly and confidently and less likely to be caught off-guard by unexpected questions if pre-pared.

Receiving multiple requests and calls from the media can sometimes become uncomfortable and emotion-ally taxing when competing media outlets are trying to obtain your story.

No matter the circumstance, you decide when and where to meet the media or the best time for someone to call you. You can review and approve the questions beforehand or decline if you find questions inappropriate. Finally, you can stop the interview at any time.

A Media Relations Officer will assist you in managing media inquiries if you wish

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