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2024-04-10 01:16 HAP

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Salmon Arm RCMP March 20 to April 2 2024, Calls for service: 323

The purpose of the Crime Chronicle is to educate and inform the public about some of the crime trends occurring in Salmon Arm and other files of interest.

March 20

A woman reported she had been defrauded out of $1900. The woman stated she received a text message from someone claiming to be her son and needing money. The woman e-transferred the money to an unfamiliar email address that had auto-deposit setup, and did not realize she had been scammed until after the money was sent.

Salmon Arm RCMP recommend being diligent before e-transferring anyone money. This could include speaking to the person in real life, or if speaking over the phone then using code words to confirm their identity. Never assume the phone numbers and names appearing on your call display are accurate. Don’t be afraid to say no.

March 20

11th Ave NE: A woman and man attended a local liquor store and stole 4 bottles of alcohol. The incident was captured on surveillance video and police were able to identify both suspects from that footage. Police are forwarding charges to BC Prosecution for charge assessment.

March 25

10th Ave SW: A man reported that he believed a woman that had entered the store he worked at, had gone into the lunchroom and stole his wallet and cigarettes. The man described the woman as Caucasian, 5 feet tall, in her 40’s, blonde hair, and had a snaggle tooth. The employee stated the woman was acting weird, attempted to buy merchandise using a The Bay card. The woman was pacing around the store near the lunchroom, while using a phone. After the woman left, the employee noticed his wallet and cigarettes gone. Patrols were made by police however the woman was not located. Due to lack of any other evidence to identify the woman, police were unable to further the investigation. The man was able to cancel all his bank cards and obtain new ones.

March 26

16th St NE: A complainant reported seeing a man tweaking out and screaming at a woman in the 800 block of 16th St NE. Police attended and located the man and woman parked in a 2007 Chevrolet Equinox. Police observed drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, and the driver was exhibiting obvious symptoms of being impaired by drugs. The driver was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition. The driver then opened a canned vodka beverage and began consuming it while yelling at police I can’t drive so now I can drink.. Police seized the vodka beverage, and the vehicle was towed off scene. The man was advised he could obtain his driver’s licence from the police detachment after 24 hours.

March 27

5th St SW: A business employee reported that a man and woman had cut a gate open and rummaged around the exterior parking area of the business. Some unidentifiable tools were stolen and a Weider brand weight lifting belt. Video footage was provided however police were unable to identify the suspects.

March 28

Trans Canada Hwy in Tappen: At 12:30pm a complainant reported an erratic semi driver speeding and tailgating, eastbound on the Trans Canada Hwy. Police made patrols and were able to locate a semi with matching licence plate. The semi with 52-foot trailer was stopped by police and an approved screening device demand was read to the driver. On the fourth attempt police were able to obtain a suitable breath sample which result in a fail. The driver was provided the opportunity to provide a second breath sample, which also resulted in a fail. The driver was served a 90-day notice of driving prohibition, and his tractor was impounded for a mandatory minimum 30 days. The matter was further referred to ICBC.

April 1

20th Ave SE: Police were on patrol and observed a running Toyota Tundra parked with no one in the driver’s seat. A man was standing outside the vehicle next to a speed alert sign that appeared to have been struck by the truck. The man admitted to police to driving, and smelled strongly of alcohol. An approved screening device demand was read to the driver. The first sample resulted in a fail, and the second sample was also a fail. The truck was also discovered to not have valid insurance. The driver was prohibited from driving for 90 days, the Tundra was impounded for 30 days, and the driver was also served a violation ticket for $598 for no insurance. The matter was referred to ICBC.

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