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2024-04-01 18:59 HAP

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From March 4 to 31 Lake Country Detachment responded to 235 calls for service.

Highlights from those calls

March 6

Just after midnight a stolen vehicle was recovered in the area if Russel Rd and Pheasant Rd. The vehicle had not been there when officers patrolled the area earlier in the evening. The vehicle was seized, examined for fingerprints and other forensic evidence. The vehicle had been reported stolen out of Kelowna March 2. The owner was happy to get their vehicle back. File 2024-11766

March 7

While on patrol in the area of Copper Hill Rd an officer found a vehicle that was believed to have fled a traffic stop March 6. The officer was able to get a plate number and attempted to stop the vehicle again. The vehicle fled once more. The officer did not pursue as the risk to the public was too great and now the registered owner was known. March 24 the officer located the registered owner issued her numerous violation tickets. Police wish to remind everyone that the registered owner is responsible for their vehicle and who drives it. Violation tickets can be issued to the driver or as in this case the registered owner. File 2024-12033

March 8

At around 7:30 pm officers broke up a dog fight between 2 large bull terriers and a Pomeranian near Lodge Rd and Bottom Wood Lake Rd. All dogs were on leash however the owner of the bull terriers was unable to control his animals as they attacked the Pomeranian. The owner of the Pomeranian attempted to protect her dog and was bit as well. Officers and the owners were able to separate the dogs. The Pomeranian was taken to a nearby vet office where is received emergency care but was too injured to survive the attack. The Pomeranian’s owner also had to receive medical attention for her injuries. The owner of the bull terriers took his animals to his nearby home. March 13 Lake Country Bylaw officers and RCMP executed a warrant and seized the animals. The owner was issued bylaw tickets and in order to get his dogs back will have to agree to a number of rules and conditions that will hopefully keep the public and their animals safe. File 2024- 12351

March 9

In the area of Pheasant Rd and Russel Rd while on patrol Lake Country officer located a stolen car. Checks of the licence plate found the vehicle was stolen out of Kelowna March 3. The vehicle was seized, examined for fingerprints and other forensic evidence. The owner was contacted and happy to get their vehicle back. File 2024-12165

March 10

Police received a report of an intoxicated male inside a residence located at the 15000 block of Oyama Rd. Upon attendance it was learned the male entered a cabin to use the bathroom and was now at a picnic bench drinking alcohol. The complainant did not want the male charge just removed from the property. Officers spoke with the male who was providing a fake name as well as exhibiting signs of extreme intoxication. He was arrested for obstructing a peace officer and being intoxicated in a public place. Once at Kelowna cells he was identified. After a night in cells the male was released without charges. File 2024-12552

March 14

While on patrol in the area of Russell Rd and Pheasant Rd an officer attempted to pull over a red Hyundai Santa Fe for an observed offence. When the officer activated his emergency lights and siren the car fled but not before the officer was able to obtain a plate number. The vehicle was not pursued for safety reasons. March 29 the officer located the registered and served her a number of violation tickets for what had occurred as well as a driving prohibition on behalf of ICBC. Police wish to remind vehicle owners that they are responsible for what occurs when friends or acquaintances are using their vehicles. File 2024-13426

March 17

Police were called to a report of damage to a fence and property at a residence in the 1400 block Oyama Rd. The owner heard the collision just after midnight and when he went to investigate found red car parts left behind. Through neighborhood enquires it was found a nearby neighbor owns a red Camaro. The car was seen spinning the vehicles tires on Oyama Rd when the driver lost control and caused the damage. When officers attended address of the neighbor a red Camaro with significant damage was found under a car cover. A male admitted to driving and was served a violation ticket while the registered owner was issued an inspection notice for her car. The inspection notice requires the owner to have the car towed to an inspection facility before it can be insured or driven on a road. File 2024-13858

March 26

While on patrol an officer pulled a car over for speeding on highway 97 north of Oceola Rd. When the car pulled over it was found the driver was prohibited from driving under the BC motor vehicle act. The driver was arrested for the offence and released a short time later with a court date, and violation tickets. The vehicle was impounded for a period time also. File 2024-15785

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