Lillooet-Lytton RCMP March 1 to March 19 2024, Calls for service: 120


2024-03-20 20:14 HAP

Under the Official Languages Act, this office provides services to the public in English only. You will find general information in both official languages at and

Aux termes de la Loi sur les langues officielles, ce bureau n'offre des services au public qu'en anglais. Vous trouverez des renseignements généraux dans les deux langues officielles au et

General assistance


On March 2, 2024 at 11:22 am, an emergency SOS signal was sent from an Iphone by a man who made a wrong turn and ended up stranded with a flat tire on Fountain Valley road. A Lillooet RCMP member arranged and ensured a tow was sent for the driver and his vehicle. There were no further concerns. 

Dog bite


On March 3, 2024 a woman called police reporting a dog had bit her friend and ripped her jacket while they were out for a walk. There were no injuries, only a jacket was ripped. The caller only wished to report as the same dog had bit her husband in the past (which was not reported to police). A Lytton RCMP member cautioned the dog owner such incidents could result in the dog being put down. The report was relayed to the Chief of Nicomen Reserve for appropriate action.

Impaired operation


On March 5, 2024 a Lillooet RCMP member observed a white pickup truck cross the centre line multiple times near Lillooet on Hwy 99. A traffic stop was conducted with the vehicle, the driver was read a breath demand to blow into an approved screening device as he admitted he had drank alcohol hours prior. The driver subsequently produced a fail result on the approved screening device (ASD) for alcohol above the legal limit in his system. He was immediately prohibited from driving for 90 days and his vehicle was impounded. The matter was referred to ICBC.

Break and enter


On March 8, 2024 the District of Lillooet reported someone attempted to break in to one of their shops in town. No entry was gained nor was anything taken. Police were advised no attendance was needed, the report was made for documentation purposes.



On March 9, 2024 around 10:20 pm, a man advised a Stl’atl’imx Tribal police member he saw a highway maintenance plow truck about 100 ft down the embankment off of Lillooet Pioneer road 40, near Apple Springs. Lillooet RCMP were advised and a member attended with Stl’atl’imx Tribal police and the man who had reported the sighting. The vehicle was unoccupied. The driver had received help from a passer by and was given a ride to the hospital for a check up. The driver was spoken to by police and in good spirits, the matter was referred to ICBC.

Break and enter


On March 15, 2024 a caller reported a break and enter in progress in Lytton near Hwy 1. A Lytton RCMP member attended within minutes and investigated. No one was observed in the area nor were any vehicles seen. The building appeared to be secure. The caller was updated. Patrols made in the area were unfruitful. There were no further leads at the time. 

Theft of auto


On March 16, 2024 a caller reported her daughter’s vehicle was stolen during the night from their residence in Lytton. Another vehicle parked at the residence had its window smashed over night. A Lytton RCMP member investigated and located the vehicle following a tip. The vehicle was not damaged and retrieved by the owner. There were no witnesses. The owner wished to retrieve their vehicle rather than having it be held in police custody for potential forensic examination. 

Check well being


On March 18, 2024 a father in Lillooet called and requested police check on his adult daughter residing at a different address. The father stated his daughter had mental health issues and believed his daughter was drinking and partying too much, adding she may have been hurt by another girl. A Lillooet RCMP member attended and spoke with the adult daughter who appeared well and in good spirits, she advised all was well, she was informed to contact her father as he was worried about her. The father was updated and thanked police. 

Pictured is an RCMP vehicle driving away in the distance.

Pictured is an RCMP vehicle driving away in the distance.

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