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File 2023-7430

On November 29 Salmon Arm RCMP recovered a Honda Snowblower valued at over $3000 on the Dondeneau Forest Service Rd. Further queries led police to believe the snow blower was taken from an Elementary school. Police contacted the elementary school where staff confirmed they had a break-in overnight and were missing a snowblower. The snowblower was returned to the school.


File 2023-7436

On November 29 at 9pm a man reported that a couple weeks ago he was fuelling up at a local gas station and a suspicious man offered to trade him gold for gas. The man was only described as driving a dark coloured SUV. Police believe this to be a common travelling scam with suspects generally in a rental vehicle.

File 2023-7457

On November 30 a 45-year-old man reported receiving texts from an unknown number demanding $1500 otherwise threatening death. The unknown number then sent pictures of a dismembered body. The man believed it may be linked to previous sex workers he had seen. Police viewed the text messages and photos, which did not appear to be from anywhere in Canada, but likely Mexico. Police attempted to call the number numerous times but it went to a full voicemail. Police believe the texts where made using phone spoofing, which allows fraudsters to manipulate caller ID and/or number to appear to be a local number.

File 2023-7470

On December 1 a woman reported that she had received a phone call the previous day from someone pretending to be her son, claiming he had lost his cell phone and had a new number, and needed help in the way of $3000. The woman e-transferred the man posing as her son the money. The next day the woman realized she had been scammed and had notified her bank which was investigating.

File 2023-7543

On December 4 a woman reported that she had attempted to buy Taylor Swift tickets online through a Facebook post. The seller requested funds be e-transferred, and the woman e-transferred $1350. Her bank was already notified.

Salmon arm RCMP do not recommend sending e-transfers to anyone you don’t know. Once an e-transfer is accepted by the recipient, it cannot be reversed.

To learn more about the red flags to watch for in the most common types of scams, please visit sites such as the BC RCMP Frauds and Scams, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, or the Competition Bureau.


File 2023-7439

On November 30 at midnight police were on patrol and observed a fire on the Trans Canada Highway near 4th St NE. Police were able to battle the imposing fire, which appeared to have started from a pile of leaves, into submission. Only then was the Salmon Arm Fire Dept requested to further hydrate the area to prevent further flare ups.

Missing person

File 2023-7501

On December 2 at 4pm a pair of social workers reported than a youth in their care had run away from them near 30th St SW and Trans Canada Hwy. The youth had no cell phone for police to ping. Multiple members responded and searched the surrounding area but as night fell were unable to locate the youth. Police requested further support units to assist in the search. Approximately two hours later a Salmon Arm RCMP member observed a youth with matching description walking on the Trans Canada Hwy near 14th St NE. The member stopped and confirmed the youth was the same one that had run away earlier. The youth stated he wanted to buy drugs, couldn’t find any, and began walking home to Enderby. The youth was picked up by his social workers and driven home to Enderby.

File 2023-7565

On December 5 at 8pm police were requested to assist in searching for an elderly female that left her residence on Auto Rd. Shuswap Search and Rescue were called to assist deploying 5 teams, and were instrumental in covering a large area in search for the woman. On December 6 at 6am a person reporting finding a woman in a ditch outside of their house and was assisting in warming her up. Police attended and confirmed it was the missing elderly woman, who was transported to a local hospital for further medical assessment.

Impaired driving

File 2023-7530

On December 3 at 10pm Salmon Arm RCMP noted a black BMW stopped on James Rd in Tappen. Police engaged in a traffic stop where the driver immediately became confrontation and smelled heavily of liquor. The driver eventually calmed down and was given a breath demand by police. Breath sample obtained and resulted in a fail reading. The driver refused to provide a second sample. The vehicle was impounded for a mandatory 30 days, and the driver prohibited from driving for 90 days. The matter was referred to ICBC.

File 2023-7589

On December 6 at 10pm police engaged in a traffic stop of a white Jeep Grand Cherokee. The female driver appeared to be avoiding eye contact with the officer, and fumbled her ID. Once eye contact was made the officer observed her eyes to be dilated and glassy. The driver admitted to consuming a beer earlier. The driver was given a breath demand, with first sample result being a fail." A second test was offered and accepted, with the same result. The vehicle was impounded for a mandatory 30 days, and the driver prohibited from driving for 90 days. The matter was referred to ICBC.

Suspicious person

File 2023-7532

On December 4 at 3am a woman attended the Salmon Arm RCMP detachment and spoke with two police officers. The woman stated she had a broken arm, despite there being no visible sign of injury. The woman then stated there were people coming after her and trying to kill her, although she was unable to describe who was after her. The woman provided police photos and videos of the people after her, on her iPad. The images and videos were just of her laying in bed, blurry selfies, and pictures of random vehicles. Police requested BC Ambulance to check over the woman. Once paramedics arrived the woman admitted to smoking methamphetamine and was cooperative in going to see a doctor. The woman then told police she felt safe at the police station so she went there when she starting to see and hear things.

File 2023-7566

On December 6 at 1am a man reported a suspicious grey SUV with two occupants with a flashlight going up and down a trailer park on 10th Ave NE. Police confirmed it was Search and Rescue searching for a missing person.

Utter threats

File 2023-7593

On December 7 at 7am a woman reported a man in the parking lot in the 300 block of 3 St SW. The man was having a fire next to his tent, The woman asked the man to put the fire out, then he allegedly threatened he would put her head in the fire. Police attended and spoke with the man who denied threatening anyone and put the fire and moved along. Police spoke with the complainant who declined to pursue the matter any further, she just wanted the fire out.

Suspicious circumstances

File 2023-7601

On December 7 Salmon Arm RCMP were advised of a possible mail box theft from a single community mail box. Police attended and observed two unassigned open mailboxes, however there did not appear to be any pry marks. Unconfirmed if an offence took place or if the mailboxes were inadvertently left open.

Assault with a weapon

File 2023-7632

On December 9 at 12am a man reported that he had just been attacked by another man known to him with an axe in the 7000 block of 50th St NE. Information suggested there was a verbal dispute between the two men over a woman. The victim sustained minor injuries and declined an ambulance. The victim stated the attacker had departed in a taxi. While en route to the scene police observed a taxi pass them on Hwy 1, eventually catching up and stopped the taxi. The attacker was located in the taxi and arrested for assault with a weapon. The man was released on conditions, with a future court date to speak to the allegations.


Multiple file numbers

On December 9 beginning around 1pm until 6:30pm there were 11 reported collisions between Canoe and Tappen, some multi vehicle, due to heavy snowfall and poor road conditions. The snowfall also resulted in the Trans Canada Highway at 4th St NE being closed to eastbound traffic for approximately 2 hours due to semi-trucks unable to make it up Tank Hill and blocking both lanes. Police worked to navigate stuck semi’s into the right-hand lane, allowing one lane of traffic through, and eventually allowing semi’s that had chained up to travel up Tank Hill. Trans Canada Highway at Kault Hill was also briefly closed due to semi’s unable to make it up the hill. No serious injuries were reported.

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