Salmon Arm RCMP November 15 to November 28 2023, Calls for service: 288

Salmon Arm

2023-11-29 12:16 HNP

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File 2023-7346

On November 25 at 9pm Salmon Arm RCMP responded to a report of a suspicious white Infinity QX60 near 2nd Ave SE and Shuswap St. Vehicle found running with the driver slumped over the over the steering wheel. Drug paraphernalia was observed. The member woke the driver, and observed him remove containers that appeared to contain illicit drugs from his pants. The driver was arrested for possession for the purpose of trafficking. Police seized 35 grams of suspected illicit drugs, and over $2000 of cash suspected to be proceeds of crime. The file remains under further investigation.


File 2023-7124

On November 15 a woman reported that she had found a sea-can for sale on Facebook marketplace from a seller with profile name Sean George. The woman agreed to e-transfer the man $4250. After doing so the seller deleted the post and deleted his Facebook profile. Police queries showed no records of anyone local with that name. Police were not able to further assist the woman.

Salmon arm RCMP do not recommend sending e-transfers to anyone you don’t know. Once an e-transfer is accepted by the recipient, it cannot be reversed.

Impaired driving

File 2023-7351

On November 26 at midnight police stopped a vehicle and suspected the driver was impaired. The driver stated they hadn’t had an alcoholic beverage for two days. Breathalyzer demand read where the driver blew a WARN. Driver was provided the opportunity to provide a second sample and again blew a WARN. The driver was issued a 3-day driving prohibition, and the vehicle was also impounded for 3 days. The matter was referred to ICBC.

File 2023-7354

On November 26 at 6am police observed a vehicle with a burnt-out headlight, and a plate that was not attached to any registered vehicle. Police stopped the vehicle and could smell alcohol from the cab of the vehicle. Breathalyzer demand read where the driver blew a WARN. Driver was provided the opportunity to provide a second sample and again blew a WARN. Due to previous impaired driving, the driver was prohibited from driving for 7 days, and the vehicle was impounded for 7 days. The driver was also found to be driving while already prohibited. The man was also served a future court date to speak to the allegations.

Suspicious occurrence

File 2023-7131

On November 15 at 3:30pm a man reported seeing a woman walking on Shuswap St with a waist length coat but no pants on, with her buttocks clearly exposed. Police attended and patrolled the area but the woman was not located, and there were no other calls about a half naked woman.


File 2023-7134

On November 15 at 3pm Salmon Arm RCMP contacted a man that had not been checking in with his probation officers as required. Police phoned the man and had a brief conversation that ended with the man sharing his location. Police attended the location and found him still to be there. Police arrested the man for breaching his release order. Upon searching the man, police located a large bag of suspected illicit drugs in his underwear. The file remains under further investigation.

File 2023-7174

On November 17 police received a report from shelter staff of a man breaching his no contact conditions with a woman. Police attended and obtained information that confirmed a breach of release order for the man. The man was located nearby and arrested and held for a bail hearing before a judge.

Cause disturbance

File 2023-7144

On November 16 at 4am Salmon Arm RCMP were called to a residence for a disturbance. A woman in her 70’s, who rents a room at the residence, was awoken by the homeowners arguing. The homeowner couple explained to police that they sleep in separate bedrooms. At 4am the wife decided she wanted to cuddle with her husband, and went to his room and began knocking on his door. The husband woke up disgruntled and began arguing with his wife, waking the unrelated elderly roommate. It appeared there were deeper issues involving the elderly tenant and the landlords. All parties were advised to go to bed, and that tenant issues were not going to be resolved that morning.

Excessive speed

File 2023-7157

On November 16 at 5pm Salmon Arm RCMP observed a vehicle estimated to be travelling 100km/h in a 60km/h zone. The member obtained a radar reading of 104km/h. The vehicle was stopped, and the driver was found to have a class 7N. The driver was server a violation tickets for excessive speed in the amount of $253, fail to displace N for $109, and his vehicle was impounded for a mandatory 7 days. The matter was referred to ICBC.


File 2023-7178

On November 17 Churches Thrift Store reported than an older couple had come into the store and stole a wood nautical steering wheel. The wheel was described as approximately 12 inches in diameter and was up for auction. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Salmon Arm RCMP, please reference Salmon Arm RCMP file 2023-7178.

File 2023-7323

On November 24 at 2pm a local store employee reported that a man had walked out of the store with a power tool valued at $200 and drove away in an older style pickup truck and provided the licence plate. Police attended the registered owner’s home of the truck, and spoke with a man who admitted to taking the tool and placing it in his vehicle, but also giving it back to an employee. Police called the employee again who confirmed that he did recover the tool, but only after the man had attempted to depart in his vehicle with it. The man was arrested and issued a future court date to speak to the allegations.

File 2023-7328

On November 24 at 7pm a woman reported her early 2000’s Ford F-150 was stolen from 200 block of Trans Canada Hwy, Salmon Arm. The complainant had her keys with her and the truck had a half tank of gas. Police made extensive patrols for the vehicle but did not locate it. On November 25 Vernon RCMP advised they had located the stolen F150 partially torched. The vehicle was held for further examination.

Police recommend always locking your vehicles, keeping your keys with you, and removing any valuables anytime you park your vehicle.

Unspecified assistance

File 2023-7255

On November 21 at 2:30pm at 64 year old man reported his brother hadn’t left his bedroom in over a week and was saying not nice things to him through the door. The complainant wished police to check on his brother. Salmon Arm RCMP attended and spoke with the 74-year-old brother, who lived in his own self-contained unit, not a bedroom. The 74-year-old brother stated he was well and did not need any sort of assistance. The brother’s elderly mother also lived at the residence, but refused to get involved in the brotherly quarrel.

Unlicensed driver

File 2023-7268

On November 22 at 11am Salmon Arm RCMP observed a grey pickup with no front plate. Police were able to query the rear plate which showed inactive. Police engaged in a traffic stop and discovered the female driver to have licence actions to serve a driving prohibition and vehicle impound. Police served the woman with a violation ticket for no insurance in the amount of $598, no driver’s licence $276, wrong number plate $109. The vehicle was impounded for the mandatory 7 days and the matter was referred to ICBC.

Found property

File 2023-7276

On November 22 police recovered a BMX style bike near city hall. Owner may claim with detailed description within 90 days. Please reference Salmon Arm RCMP file 2023-7276.

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