Quadra Island RCMP report October 23rd to November 12th

Île Quadra

2023-11-13 07:30 HNP

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Files of note

Stolen boat?

On October 23rd Quadra RCMP received a report of a possible stolen boat from Manson's landing. The owner of the boat advised that her sailboat had been stolen and the culprit was believed to have towed it to a dock in Campbell River before departing for another location. The owner had not physically seen that her boat was gone, but was advised by a friend that it was no longer there. Officers began the investigation but requested the owner confirm the boat was missing before moving forward. Soon after, the owner called back advising the boat was still there and her original information was incorrect. The owner was thankful for member's efforts and apologized for the inconvenience. 

Traffic incident

On October 28th Quadra RCMP were conducting proactive patrols when they located a vehicle that was involved with a traffic incident the previous day. The driver of the vehicle confirmed their identity and subsequent police checks showed they had an invalid license and were to be served a driving prohibition notice. A prohibition notice was requested by ICBC and prohibited the individual from driving until further notice. The vehicle was also impounded as per the prohibition request. 

Bike mixup 

On October 28th Quadra RCMP received a report of a stolen e-bike from Cortes Island. The complainant was calling on behalf of his mother and advised there were no suspects or witnesses. Officers received notice a few days later that the bike was not actually stolen, but had been removed for assessment as it was deteriorating by a friend. Thankfully the incident was a case of classic misunderstanding and not theft and police were advised their assistance was no longer needed.

Angry goats

On October 30th Quadra RCMP received a report of someone screaming off a ravine. The complainant advised they could hear someone yelling "help help" and they were worried that someone had fallen off the cliff. Further investigation revealed that the "help" heard was actually a sad goat from neighbouring goat farm. The owner advised that the mama goat's babies had just been removed and she was calling for them (officers did note on scene that the cries did sound similar to someone yelling for help). Thankfully, officers confirmed all was well and nobody, besides the mama goat, were in any kind of distress.

Screaming at the cemetery on Halloween 

In the evening of October 31st, Quadra RCMP received a somewhat unsettling report of screams being heard at the Quadra Island Cemetery. A concerned complainant advised they could hear screaming noises in the bushes at that location and didn't know if anyone was in pain or needed help. Officers arrived on scene and located two individuals in the back bushes. Both people were cooperative with officers and advised the screaming was because one of them had lost their scarf? Officers observed that neither party were in distress and there were no signs of ghosts or ghouls and departed soon after.

Beaver lake bear incident

In the evening of November 3rd, a tourist called requesting RCMP assistance with a possible bear. The complainant and her spouse were camping at Beaver Lake and heard what they believed to be a bear huffing and growling at them from the bushes. The two took refuge in their vehicle, but every time they tried to leave the vehicle to pack up they would hear growling and grunting. Officers attended and kept watch while the scared campers packed up and left without incident. The bears have declined requests to provide their side of the story and left before police could speak with them.

Fraud report

On November 9th Quadra RCMP received a report of possible fraud. The complainant advised that someone had opened an account under her name and she was out over $3000 dollars. Officers followed up right away and were advised by the complainant that the issue was not actually fraud, as previously suspected, but a bank clerical error. Apparently the complainant and another bank customer shared the same name and the new debit account had been linked to the wrong customer. The complainant advised the bank was fixing the clerical error and she would be refunded her money right away. 

Found canoe

On November 11 Quadra RCMP received a report of a found canoe. The complainant advised the red canoe was found adrift at the Hoskyn Channel. The bow line appeared to have been broken and it likely went adrift during a windstorm that occurred the previous day. The canoe is currently lodged at the RCMP detachment. If you think this is your canoe please call 250-285-3631 and quote file 2023-848. Please be ready to provide pertinent details of the canoe to confirm ownership.

Motor vehicle accident

In the evening of November 12th, Quadra RCMP received a report of a single vehicle accident at Topcliffe Road. Officers arrived and located the driver who appeared to be impaired by drugs. The driver was rushed to the hospital as he was actively overdosing. Due to the state of the driver, officers deemed it appropriate to request a sample of his blood to confirm drug impairment at the hospital. The investigation is ongoing. 

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