Quadra RCMP report September 18th - October 1st

Île Quadra

2023-09-24 15:57 HAP

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Files of note:

Fraud file

On September 18th, a complainant reported an online fraud. The complainant advised she was in her online banking paying bills when she noticed new payees in her list. The complainant had not added those payees and it appeared her account had been hacked. Thankfully, because the complainant noticed the fraudulent activity right away, she was able to take the pertinent steps to protect herself and didn't lose any money.

Impaired driver

On September 26th, Quadra RCMP received a report of a possible impaired driver leaving the ferry terminal. Officers located the driver soon after. The driver provided two samples of their breath in an Approved Screening Device (ASD) which resulted in a "Fail" result. The driver's vehicle was subsequently impounded for 30 days and his license revoked for 90 days. 

Suspicious incident

In the afternoon of September 29th, Quadra RCMP were dispatched a report of a possible shot fired. The witness advised they heard one possible shot at a nearby residence. Officers attended, and after much investigation, determined that a lighter had been thrown into a fire resulting in a single bang. Complainant contacted and advised of the outcome.

Found bike

On September 29th, an on duty Quadra member located a bike in the ditch outside the detachment. Soon after, the owner of the bike visited the detachment and advised her bike had been stolen sometime the night before. The bike was promptly returned to the owner (after she was able to confirm pertinent details about her bike). The owner was happy to have the bike returned and didn't request any further police action.

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