Weekly Media Release – Grand Forks RCMP 2023-06-26

Grand Forks,

2023-06-26 10:30 HAP

Dossier nº Grand Forks RCMP File 2023: 1649; 1653; 1656; 1684

Multiple motor vehicle accidents

File # 2023 – 1649; 1653; 1656; 1684

From a battle with a fly to a collision with a moose, the Grand Forks RCMP were busy over the past few days investigating multiple motor vehicle accidents, throughout the area.

The first was on Thursday evening, June 22 at 7:30 PM. A vehicle was travelling east on Hwy 3 near Eholt when a moose walked into the path of a Honda Pilot. Thankfully, the driver, a 26-year-old man from Trail, and lone occupant was uninjured and able to get out on their own accord. Neither his vehicle or the moose was as lucky.

On Friday morning, June 23 at 9:10 AM, the RCMP received a report of a single vehicle collision near the 9500 block of North Fork Rd. The driver, a 74-year-old man from Grand Forks reported that he took his hand off the wheel to swat a mosquito away, causing him to lose control on a curve, going off road and striking a ditch. Extensive damage was done to the bottom and front axle of his 2022 Nissan Rogue. Both the driver and passenger were uninjured. 

Later Friday morning at 11:20 AM, a report came in that a elderly female was hit by a car moving in slow motion. A 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe was turning left on Central Ave and 5th St in downtown Grand Forks at a speed estimated between 5 and 10 km/hours when it struck a pedestrian, an 84-year-old woman visiting from Nanaimo, BC, walking in the cross walk. The woman struck her head on the road and was taken by ambulance to Boundary Hospital with a serious head injury, but is expected to be okay. The driver of the vehicle, a 74-year-old man from Grand Forks, was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for Fail to Yield to a Pedestrian.

On Sunday afternoon, June 25 at 4:40 PM, Grand Forks RCMP followed up on a report of an overturned 2003 Subaru Legacy on the 900 block of Santa Rosa Rd. A 17 year old youth from Christina Lake explained that he was driving down the gravel portion and lost control, and in order to avoid driving off the steep embankment, he overcorrected causing the vehicle to roll over. Thankfully again, neither the driver or the 2 passengers sustained any injuries.

It is a busy time of year on our public roads, and we want to remind motorists to be mindful and careful when driving, stated Grand Forks RCMP Detachment Commander Sergeant Darryl Peppler. With high traffic volume due to summer travel combined with events in town such as the GFI and Homecoming, the roads are going to be quite busy, so expect a higher police presence.

Christina Lake seasonal policing has begun

The Grand Forks RCMP have begun their seasonal policing efforts out at Christina Lake. Unlike past years where a Reserve Constable was brought in for regular patrols, this year the detachment will be bringing in various officers from around the area throughout the summer. While there is a strong need to have a presence on the water in the detachment boat, officers will also be doing more land patrols, on foot at the beach areas and patrolling around the Lake in police cars.

We have seen in the past what a strong police presence means to the community, says Sergeant Darryl Peppler. We also see the need for our presence to make sure everyone is being safe and responsible while they enjoy all that the Lake has to offer.

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