Quadra RCMP report April 17th - April 30th

Île Quadra

2023-05-01 08:46 HAP

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Files of note

Found bike

On April 17th, Quadra RCMP received a report of a found bike near Cedar Drive and Smith Road. The complainant called it in as the bike looked similar to a recent bike that was stolen a few weeks before. Officers attended and confirmed the bike was not the one that was stolen. However, the Quadra RCMP would like to thank the complainant for their assistance in trying to help find the stolen bike.

Assist fire

On April 21st, Quadra RCMP were dispatched to an assist fire in the Heriot Bay area. The Quadra fire department advised that the a detached shop on the property had caught fire and there was a risk of the fire jumping to the main house. By the time officers attended, the fire was mostly out thanks to the help of neighbours and the fire department. Further investigation determined the fire was not suspicious. While the damage to the shop was extensive, nobody was hurt in the fire. 

Mental health call

In the evening of April 23rd, Quadra members were called to a disturbance in the Quathiaski Cove area. A distressed women, who was suffering from mental health issues, was screaming and smashing things inside the tiny home. Officers attended and noted windows were smashed and the front door was barricaded. Officers started negotiating with the women in hopes of getting her to exit the house and speak with them. The women then proceeded to start throwing items toward the officers inside the house, but hit the windows instead. Members then saw the women go up to the top area of the home and attempt to light the wood panelling, causing it to catch fire. Finally, officers were able to gain entry into the house in an effort to continue talking to the women.  After much negotiating, the women finally gave herself up and was apprehended under the mental health and transported to the hospital for further care.

Found chainsaw

On April 25th, Quadra RCMP received a report of a found chainsaw at the side of Hyacinthe Bay Road. The complainant, who worked for Mainroads, advised police that the owners could come to Mainroads yard to retrieve their chainsaw.

Stolen gas

On April 27th, Quadra RCMP received a report of stolen gas a the Heriot Bay Hotel. The complainant advised that a local individual had been observed stealing gas from his vehicle. Staff at the location confronted the man, who admitted to the theft, and was subsequently banned from the premises. The complainant didn't want charges at this point, was advised to call the police should the suspect return. The name of the individual cannot be released at this time due to privacy reasons.

Assistance ambulance 

In the early morning hours of April 29th, Quadra RCMP received a request to assist ambulance in the ditch near the Quadra RCMP detachment. Ambulance advised the man had likely passed out due to drug use, and they had successfully administrated Narcan on him. Officers attended and located the man who was now alert. The man claimed his recent blackout was from being sleepy and denied taking drugs. The man opted out of further care or going to the hospital and was sober enough to walk home. 

Impaired driver

In the evening of April 29th, Quadra RCMP were conducting proactive patrols when they located a vehicle going 29km/h over the speed limit. The driver was pulled over and found to have inactive insurance and no driver license. While serving the tickets, the officer detected an odour of liquor on the driver's breath. Further investigating confirmed the driver was impaired and was served with the pertinent paperwork and fines. 

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