Weekly media release – Grand Forks RCMP 2023-02-27

Grand Forks

2023-02-27 11:01 HNP

Dossier nº Grand Forks RCMP 2023: 416; 419; 448; 458

Tuesday evening snow storm leads to multiple accidents

File # 2023-416

On February 21, 2023 at 4:40 PM, Grand Forks officers attended to a report of a collision involving 2 semi trucks and a SUV on Highway 3 and McRae Road in Christina Lake, BC. It appears that the SUV was trying to pass a semi on poor roads when an oncoming semi’s trailer began to lose control and crossed into the path of the SUV sideswiping the SUV. The two semi's then met becoming stuck to each other on the side of the highway in the ditch. The highway was shut down for approximately 2 hours while crews removed the semi's from each other. The passenger in the SUV was treated for a minor injury by BC Ambulance.

File # 2023-419

At 5:45 PM, officers were then dispatched and attended to another motor vehicle incident on Highway 3 and Spencer Road. A SUV pulling a small trailer came across a semi truck stuck in the ditch and as it slowed down to pass it, another vehicle driving behind was not able to slow down quick enough, striking the trailer and causing it to flip over. No injuries were sustained to anyone and a tow truck was called to remove the trailer. The road conditions at the time of the accident were very poor with extensive fresh snow creating a lawyer of wet snow and ice.

Gas thieves strike twice over the weekend

File # 2023-448; 458

On Friday morning, February 24, 2023 Grand Forks RCMP received their first report of gas being stolen from a semi truck on Industrial Drive near 2nd Street. Several hundred dollars of fuel appears to have been taken. The theft is suspected to have occurred overnight. The following day, officers received a second report from the same area where again it was suspected that thieves targeted a truck overnight.

While it does not seem right that one has to further secure the gas in their vehicle, there are steps that can be taken to help combat this type of theft. Gas caps with locking devices can deter would be thieves as well as parking in well lit areas or areas with security cameras. Dash cams are also becoming quite popular and can definitely aid in identifying a suspect.

While we know many people are reluctant to call in this type of crime to the police thinking it may be relatively minor or that there won’t be much that can be done, however, we still ask that you do report this, stated Detachment Commander Sergeant Darryl Peppler. Not only will we conduct an investigation in order to identify a suspect, but it also alerts us to an area that we can now increase our patrols and presence.

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