Lillooet RCMP December 14 to December 27 2022, Calls for service: 97


2022-12-26 23:46 HNP

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Aux termes de la Loi sur les langues officielles, ce bureau n'offre des services au public qu'en anglais. Vous trouverez des renseignements généraux dans les deux langues officielles au et

Utter threats

On December 14, a man reported receiving a threatening text message from a man; he had recently purchased a vehicle from for $400. The buyer picked up the vehicle from the sellers home, however the seller was not home. The seller texted the buyer, I’ll be seeing you real soon, your (sic) a piece of shit, Im (sic) not happy. You just made an enemy. Police spoke with the seller regarding his text message, at the request of the buyer.


On December 15, a woman reported that she sent $7500 via bank transfer after receiving a phone call saying her daughter was in court and needed bail money, The woman explained that she received a phone call from a female she believed to be her daughter, claiming she was in jail and needed bail money. The woman then received a phone call from a man claiming to be her daughter's lawyer. The lawyer told the woman to send a bank transfer, and provided a name and a transit number. The phone call came from a Hamilton, Ontario phone number. The woman was advised to notify her bank, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. The file remains under further investigation.

To learn more about the red flags to watch for in the most common types of scams, please visit sites such as the BC RCMP Frauds and Scams, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, or the Competition Bureau where you may obtain a copy of the very helpful Little Black Book of Scams.

Immediate Roadside Prohibition

On December 16 at 7am, a man reported a vehicle in a ditch on Lillooet Pioneer Road 40 near Marshall Lake Rd, with the driver passed out in the driver seat and smelled of alcohol. Lillooet RCMP attended and found BC Ambulance already on scene, and located the driver. The driver provided a valid interim licence and admitted to driving. The driver was displaying signs and symptoms of being intoxicated by alcohol. Police conducted an Approved Screening Device demand on the driver, where he blew a "FAIL" and declined his right to a second test. The man’s interim driver’s licence was seized, and he was advised he was prohibited from driving for 90 days. The vehicle was also impounded for the mandatory minimum of 30 days. The driver was provided a ride back to Lillooet at his request, and treated police to a free show of his beat-boxing skills during the ride.


On December 16 at 3pm, a complainant reported a woman high on drugs near the Lillooet library. Police attended and located the woman standing on a scarf with no shoes on, talking to herself. The woman admitted to not taking her psychiatric medication for over 3 months. The woman was transported to a local hospital to be treated for cold exposure and assistance with her medication.

Intoxicated in public

On December 16 at 5pm, a woman reported a man screaming, banging on doors, and carrying a vehicle tire on his back in the Hop Farm area. Police attended and located an aggressive man yelling at police. After a briefly interaction, the man threw the tire on the ground and laid down on the ground for police to handcuff him. The man admitted to consuming at least a two-six, and smelled of alcohol. The man was transported to Lillooet cells to safely sober up, and was released the next morning.

Brotherly love

On December 24 at 9am, police received two simultaneous calls for service, from middle-aged brothers who were arguing and yelling at each other and could be heard on each phone line. Police attended the residence where Brother #1 met with police and stated he was mad at Brother #2 for being too loud when entering the house. He began calling Brother #2 derogatory names, and admitted to picking up a pellet gun but did not point it at him. The Brother #2 stated he did not want Brother #1’s friend coming over, and he picked up a 2x4 piece of wood when he saw Brother #1 with the pellet gun. The both admitted to arguing and yelling at each other. The brother’s father was inside the home and did not want to be involved. In the end both brother’s departed to cool off, and the pellet gun was forfeited to police.


On December 26 at 9:30am police were dispatched to a single vehicle rollover on Hwy 12 just south of Airport Rd. Police located a pickup truck that had gone off-road right and down a steep embankment coming to rest against a tree. Two occupants were shaken up but uninjured. The driver stated that after the truck came to rest against the tree, a large boulder landed on the truck cab then crashed into the bed of the truck. The roads were very slick with ice, snow, and slush. Alcohol not suspected. BC Hydro was advised and repaired a downed pole that was partially obstructing the roadway. Many thanks to BC Ambulance, Lillooet Fire Dept, and Lillooet Rescue who all attended to assist. The matter has been referred to ICBC.

Photo of crashed picked up December 26, 2022 on Hwy 12

Picture of crashed pickup truck on December 26, 2022 on Hwy 12.

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