RCMP boosts seasonal patrols as they prepare for busy tourism season

Upper Fraser Valley

2024-04-30 13:53 PDT

File # 2024 - Seasonal Policing

As the region gets ready to welcome the arrival of the summer season, the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment is rolling out it’s Enhanced Policing Program to ensure the safety and enjoyment of both locals and visitors during this peak tourist period.

A police boat with a member onboard is moored to a dock on Harrison Lake 

View larger image: A police boat with a member on board is moored to a dock on Harrison Lake

With the scenic landscapes of lakes and recreational areas attracting a significant influx of seasonal guests, the RCMP is collaborating with community partners to enhance security measures in these popular recreation areas.

Focus areas include forestry service roads, lakes, and campgrounds, with a particular emphasis on impaired driving and managing disturbances caused by excessive celebrations. Visitors to the area are advised to adhere to local parking regulations, as failure to comply may lead to vehicle towing and fines.

The Victoria Day long weekend marks the traditional start of our summer season. We welcome everyone to explore and enjoy the picturesque settings of our region safely and responsibly.

Swimming Safety

For those enjoying our lakes and recreational waters, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Know your swimming abilities and never swim alone. Parents should closely supervise children and ensure they wear appropriate flotation devices if needed. Adults unfamiliar with water should consider swimming lessons or wearing a flotation device. Avoid diving in unfamiliar waters and always be aware of underwater hazards and cold-water temperatures.

Boating Safety

As boating activities peaks, the RCMP stresses the importance of compliance with boating safety regulations. Boaters must ensure that their vessels are equipped with required safety equipment, including life jackets for every passenger. Boaters must adhere to responsible boating practices, including observing speed limits and avoiding alcohol consumption while operating watercraft.

ATV Safety

With the increase in off-road vehicle use, ATV riders are reminded to prioritize safety by wearing helmets and protective clothing, and only operating their vehicles in designated areas.

Impaired Driving

Our ongoing commitment to combating impaired driving continues to be a priority. Impairment from alcohol, drugs, or other substances, poses a serious threat to public safety. Expect heightened road checks and patrols aiming to identify and deter impaired driving throughout the region. We urge all motorists to plan ahead and make safe transportation arrangements, such as designating a sober driver or utilizing local taxi services or rideshare apps.

Let’s work together to make this summer safe and enjoyable for everyone!

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