Daajing Giids RCMP celebrates an old friend's retirement

Daajing Giids

2024-03-20 13:12 PDT

RCMP members with police car 

After more than 14 years and well over 180 thousand kilometers all members of the Daajing Giids RCMP came out to celebrate the final patrol of the remaining Ford Crown Victoria in the Daajing Giids RCMP Fleet before its retirement.

The vehicle is now destined for one last leisurely drive to be swapped for a newer vehicle that will take its position, but will never truly replace it. 

Sure, the rear defroster didn’t work, the trunk rarely stayed closed, and the heat only worked sporadically, it always fired up in the harshest of weather and brought everyone who drove it home safely. In its later years it was plagued by mysterious clunks, squeaks, whines, a speed wobble and we never did figure out the cause for the one smell. It was also made in a time before traction control & long before back-up cameras, yet I’ll still miss driving that old car said Detachment Commander Sergeant Chris Manseau.

When I was little I always wanted to drive a police car, so to say I was excited the first time I got to drive one during training in Regina would be an understatement. I got to live that childhood dream and now it’s kind of sad to know I’ll never drive another one on patrol.

In 2011 the Ford Motor Company stopped producing the most widely used automobile in law enforcement and this was likely one of the last few ever produced. There are still many on the road throughout North America, proudly continuing to work away in law enforcement.

I have been telling the junior members here the car will be sent to a farm north of Prince George, where it can romp and play in fields with other retired Crown Victorias to live out its remaining days Manseau adds with a wink.

From all of the members here in Daajing Giids we would like to say So long, adieu, and Háw’aa (thank-you in Xaad Kíl) to the longest serving member of the RCMP fleet here in Daajing Giids.

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