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2024-02-22 11:28 PST

Donut with a Cop

View larger image: Donut with a Cop

Police officer doing a push up with a teenager while eating a donut

See larger image: Police officer doing a push up with a teenager while eating a donut

Throughout January and February, the Chilliwack RCMP Schools and Youth Team, equipped with donuts, have been visiting the Chilliwack Secondary Schools to create conversation and break down barriers. The Schools and Youth Team know the important role they play in actively engaging with the younger generation. The benefits of police-youth engagement extend beyond the immediate surface, contributing significantly to community cohesion, trust-building, and the cultivation of positive relationships. Police officers interacting with students in a school-based environment provided a unique opportunity to break down barriers. These engagements have not only enhanced students' understanding of law enforcement but also allowed our officers to connect with youth in a non-confrontational environment. It is proven that establishing positive relationships with law enforcement early in life, youth are more likely to turn to officers as allies and resources rather than viewing them with mistrust.

There’s always been coffee with a cop to encourage conversation with the community we serve, but kids don’t drink coffee. Says Cst. Bradley Holditch, so we came up with the idea of something else, donuts. It’s been an amazing opportunity to encourage conversation with youth. From topics of criminal law, to what it really means to be an RCMP officer, to How do I apply? We are continuing the narrative that police are a positive and integral part of the community.

The first day alone officers spoke with 400 students, in total, 850 donuts have been shared with students to date. Donut with a Cop has been a sweet success!

Police officer putting donuts into a police car

View larger image: Police officer putting donuts into a police car

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