National Restorative Justice week

Upper Fraser Valley

2023-11-23 13:06 PST

File # 2023 - Restorative Justice Week

National Restorative Justice week aims to raise awareness of restorative justice approaches to crime. This annual event runs nationally during the third week of November.

Did you know that the Restorative Justice program is an alternative way to address minor offenses by focusing on the harm caused to people, relationships, and the community rather than only punishing the offender?

This program is used as a way to divert individuals from our overloaded Criminal Justice System by establishing a meaningful dialogue between the victim, offender, and community.

The Chilliwack Restorative Justice program is facilitated by trained professionals whose primary goal is to support the healing process of victims while supporting the offender in taking direct responsibility for their behavior. This provides everyone with an opportunity for healing, reparation, and reintegration, said Steve Roukema, the Executive Director of the Chilliwack Restorative Justice Program.

Last year, the Chilliwack Restorative Justice team had 68 referral files, which came from RCMP, Retail Loss Prevention Officers, and Fisheries and Oceans. These offenses ranged from theft, vandalism, fraud under $5,000, assault, harassment, uttering threats, and Fisheries and Oceans violations.

The UFVRD RCMP wants to congratulate the Chilliwack Restorative Justice Team on another successful year serving our community. Please research the many different ways you can get involved with this non-profit organization by visiting:

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