Chilliwack RCMP warn public of fraudsters targeting seniors with “Grandparent Scam”


2023-11-02 13:50 PDT

File # 2023-44052 & 2023-43967

The Chilliwack RCMP is warning the public about the recent reoccurrence of frauds that commonly target seniors, also known as grandparent scams or emergency scams.

Victims of this fraud often receive a phone call with the caller telling the victim that a loved one or grandchild is in legal trouble. The fraudsters pressure the victim to pay a large sum of money that they say will be used to pay bail.

There have been two recent cases in the Chilliwack area where a caller claimed to be an RCMP officer informing them that their loved one had been arrested and required bail money for their release.

In both cases someone involved in the scam attended the home of the victim to collect the money.

This is a recurring scam and it is important for everyone to discuss these types of scams with their loved ones, especially seniors who are far too often the target of these types of frauds, says Corporal Carmen Kiener, media spokesperson for the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment.

No one has been arrested in these cases, although the investigation is ongoing.

If you or someone you know has been scammed, report it to the Chilliwack RCMP’s non-emergency line at 604-792-4611 (or your local detachment). If you are unsure whether the person you are speaking with on the phone is a real police officer, hang up and call you local police detachment directly. Attempted scams where no money was lost can be reported to the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

Canadian government agencies such as police or agencies related to the court system, will never phone individuals to demand cash or any other form of payment. If this request is demanded of you, know it is likely a scam.

For more information about this and other frauds, please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s website Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (

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Cpl. Carmen Kiener
Media Relations Officer
Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment

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