Crime is trending down in the Boundary Region

B.C., Midway, Grand Forks

2023-10-23 10:52 PDT

File # Grand Forks RCMP - 2023

The latest release of crime statistics shows many crimes are down in the Boundary Region compared to the same time period of last year. The Boundary region is comprised of two detachments. Midway Detachment which also covers Greenwood, Rock Creek, Christian Valley and Beaverdell, while Grand Forks Detachment also includes Christina Lake.

Property Crime in the area shows a 35% decrease from 283 files in 2022 to 184 so far in 2023. The total amount of Criminal Code offences had a 26% drop from 514 cases to 380 cases.

The report further breaks down the overall file count to 36 specific categories, where 29 of these categories saw either a decrease or no change while only 7 showed an increase. Of note are some of the results from this report:

There can always be one or many factors for seeing increases or decreases in our crime stats, stated Detachment Commander Sergeant Darryl Peppler. A decrease in crime can often be associated to just a few clients having left town, either through moving away or being incarcerated. Other factors include proactive patrols in high risk areas at certain times, stronger enforcement, use of community groups such as Citizens on Patrol, and one of the best factors, a person turns over a new leaf and they change their wayward behaviors.

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Sgt. Darryl Peppler

Detachment Commander
Grand Forks - Kootenay Boundary Regional Detachment
1608 Central Ave, Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0
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