Police road block challenged by large group attempting to enter Evacuation Order area

Chase, Southeast District

2023-08-24 12:51 PDT

File # 2023-2228

Building tensions with regards to the elevated police presence in an Evacuation Order area has resulted in a confrontation at a road block that resolved safely.

In the evening of August 23, 2023, the Chase RCMP received reports of a large group of people mustering with food and supplies destined for an Evacuation Order area in the North Shuswap. It appeared that the intentions of those involved were to overwhelm the police road block and gain access into the area. Increased police presence has been in place in response to ongoing efforts by some individuals who have undermined BC Wildfire Service fire suppression work through the movement of vital equipment, and have compromise emergency personnel safety through threats of violence. The area under Order is not safe due to active wildfire as well as damage to powerlines and unstable trees and structures. The group later attended and met with the BC RCMP officers stationed at the road block into the area currently under Order.

While we understand and sympathize with the residents of the North Shuswap, there is a process in place through the local Emergency Operations Centre that needs to be followed to ensure the safety of everyone, said Cpl. James Grandy, spokesperson for the Southeast District RCMP. When the EOC deems it safe to do so, they can issue passes into the area to support a resupply. Fortunately, our officers are well trained, were able to de-escalate and the situation was quickly resolved safely without incident.

No arrests were made and no charges are anticipated.

For more information on the Busch Creek East Wildfire, please visit the Columbia Shuswap Regional District’s news page.

Released by:

Cpl. James Grandy
District Advisory NCO (Media Relations)
Southeast District
Office: 250-460-2398

Email: james.grandy@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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