Police take part in Hoobiiyee festivities

Lisims-Nass Valley

2023-03-02 07:51 PST

The Lisims Nass Valley RCMP was proud and honored to be included in the Hoobiiyee festivities of 2023 hosted by the Laxgalts’ap community on the weekend of February 24th and 25th of 2023.

The weekend celebrations began with a totem pole raising from the House of Sim’oogit Laay, Alx-w’isax clan of Eagle Tribe. The Eagle-Halibut totem pole was originally erected in the year 1870 but was washed down river by a severe storm in between 1900 and 1915.

The original pole has been restored and is currently stored at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. The new pole was brought to life by head carver Calvin McNeil Sr. with the assistance of Jay Robinson and Judith Moore.

Detachment members were thrilled to assist the Nisga’a Nation raising the new version pole in front of the Laxgalts’ap cultural center.

People carrying a totem pole 

After the raising, the Nisga’a nation welcomed numerous cultural dance groups from Northern BC for Hoobiyee. Hoobiyee (Nisga'a New Year) celebrations take place in February when the oolichan return to the Nass Valley.

Totem pole 

Throughout the event, RCMP members dances and sang along the various groups developing connections with our community for years to come. The strength of the Nisga’a Nation is on full display during Hoobiiyee said Sgt. Gendron-Fafard. I find myself and my staff extremely lucky to be to have such a strong relationship and to be able to partake in this weekend of celebrations.

Large gathering of people

Cpl. Doucette and his family have joined the Laxgalts’ap cultural dance group last year after moving to the community. My family and I have committed ourselves to learn more about the community we live in says Cpl. Doucette. Learning the traditional songs and dances of the Nisga’a has been a great way to immerse ourselves in Ayuukhl Nisga'a (Nisga’a oral Culture and laws).

The event went without flaws and the Lisims Nass Valley RCMP is thankful that the Nisga’a community welcomed our officers and families in such wonderful traditional events.

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Sergeant Louis-Philippe Gendron-Fafard
Detachment Commander Lisims-Nass Valley RCMP

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