Monthly Road Report for May highlights enhanced enforcement and joint operations


2024-06-18 08:17 PDT

Richmond RCMP continues its dedicated efforts to enhance road safety and reduce traffic violations in our community. This May, officers issued a total of 914 traffic tickets, including 835 violation tickets under the Motor Vehicle Act. Our proactive enforcement and educational outreach are crucial in promoting safe driving habits and protecting all road users.

RCMP officer sitting inside a police car

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May traffic enforcement summary:

Key statistics from May’s enforcement activities include:

These figures reflect our comprehensive strategy to address various high-risk driving behaviours that significantly contribute to collisions.

RCMP officer wearing sunglasses conducting a speed check at an intersection
View larger image: RCMP officer wearing sunglasses conducting a speed check at an intersection

Identified high collision zones:

In May, we observed an increase in traffic collisions in the following areas, prompting additional enforcement:

We urge all drivers to exercise caution and adhere to traffic laws, exercising particular vigilance in these high-risk zones.

High-Risk Driving and Motorcycle Safety Month:

May marked our High-Risk Driving Enforcement Campaign and Motorcycle safety month. These initiatives are part of our ongoing efforts to address speeding and other aggressive driving behaviours, and involve collaboration with partner agencies. For more details, please refer to our previous releases on high-risk driving and motorcycle safety.

RCMP officer standing with a volunteer wearing a safety vest and holding a clipboard
View larger image: RCMP officer standing with a volunteer wearing a safety vest and holding a clipboard

Joint Forces Operation:

On May 28th, the Road Safety Unit, in partnership with the Passenger Transportation Branch, conducted a Joint Forces Operation (JFO) targeting illegal ride-hailing operators. Officers used unlicensed ride hailing apps to book rides and identified several operators violating the Passenger Transportation Act.

Key outcomes from this operation include:

Our Road Safety Unit (RSU) emphasized that such operations are critical in maintaining public safety by ensuring only licensed and background-checked operators provide ride-hailing services. The public is reminded that by using illegal ride-hailing companies there is no guarantee the drivers are licensed, insured or have completed a criminal record check. For a full list of approved ride-hailing companies, visit Passenger Transportation Registry: Approved Ride-Hail Companies.

A word from Sergeant Eric Baskette of Richmond RCMP Road Safety Unit:

Our ongoing efforts to enhance road safety are a collaborative endeavour, involving various enforcement and educational strategies. May’s results demonstrate our commitment to reducing high-risk behaviours and ensuring safer roads for everyone in Richmond. We thank the community for their continued cooperation and support.

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The RSU encourages all residents and drivers in Richmond to stay informed through our monthly reports and participate actively in making our roads safer. For ongoing updates and safety tips, please visit our website and follow us on social media. Richmond residents are also encouraged to download the City of Richmond’s Community Safety App (link in English only) for timely updates, online crime reporting, and the ability to commend an officer or file a complaint.

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