World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: Richmond RCMP champions the safety of seniors


2024-06-11 08:20 PDT

In recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, 2024, Richmond RCMP is reinforcing its commitment to protecting our senior citizens through dedicated initiatives and continuous community engagement.

Spearheading our efforts is Corporal Sonny Virk, Elder Abuse Liaison from the Richmond RCMP Vulnerable Persons Unit (VPU), who plays a pivotal role in our proactive approach to safeguard our elders from abuse and neglect.

RCMP Elder Abuse Liaisons have the role of developing relationships with local agencies who have the primary mandate to investigate elder abuse. Detachments may run parallel Criminal Code investigations and/or may assist designated agencies in their investigations.

The prevalence of elder abuse, encompassing physical, emotional, and financial harm, remains a significant concern. The VPU is dedicated to fostering a safe environment for all seniors, supported by tailored programs and resources designed to empower and protect one of the most vulnerable segments of our community.

Protecting our elders is not just a policing priority, it is a community responsibility, stated Cpl. Virk. Through collaboration with local agencies and leveraging our specialized training, we are making strides in preventing abuse and ensuring that seniors live with the respect and security they deserve.

Corporal Sonny Virk of Richmond RCMP and a man sitting and talking together.

View larger image: Corporal Sonny Virk of Richmond RCMP and a man sitting and talking together.

Key initiatives and partnerships:

How you can help:

If there is an emergency requiring immediate assistance, call 9-1-1.
To report abuse or self-neglect of an older adult who cannot seek support and assistance on their own, contact Vancouver Coastal Health ReAct Adult Protection Program at 1-877-732-2899 or

Additional resources:

For more information or support regarding elder abuse prevention, please refer to the following resources:

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