Burnaby RCMP launches 2023-2026 Strategic Plan


2023-11-09 12:35 HNP

The Burnaby RCMP is officially launching its new Strategic Plan, which outlines the detachment’s operational priorities for 2023-2026.

The plan is the result of a significant research and consultation process which included Burnaby citizens, Burnaby RCMP staff, City of Burnaby staff, Burnaby Mayor and Council, and community partners, all of which provided valuable input and insight, helping reflect our community and shape and identify the strategic priorities in the plan.

The three priorities and corresponding objectives of Burnaby RCMP’s 2023 to 2026 Strategic Plan are outlined below:

Improve public safety

Enhance communication and community engagement

Support our people

The plan also outlines desired outcomes for each priority. Examples include increased feelings of safety and security, reduced incidents of safety risk, stronger relationships with partners, and happier and healthier employees.

To access the full 2023-2026 Burnaby RCMP Detachment Strategic Plan please click this link: 2023-2026 Burnaby RCMP Detachment Strategic Plan

This plan lays out Burnaby RCMP’s intended goals and priorities as we work to deliver exceptional and modern policing that keeps our community safe while best serving the needs of our growing and changing city, said Burnaby RCMP Officer in Charge, Chief Supt. Graham de la Gorgendiere.

I would like to thank everyone who has put forward input and ideas as part of this process to ensure we are continuing to evolve, innovate, and provide policing services that are tailored to our community, keep pace with the ongoing growth of our city, and reflect the people who live, work, learn, and play in Burnaby, he said.

The Burnaby RCMP provides regular reporting on the Strategic Plan to the City of Burnaby’s Public Safety Committee.

In addition to the full report, a condensed brochure version of the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan is available at this link: Burnaby RCMP Detachment Strategic Plan 2023-2026 brochure

The cover of the Burnaby RCMP Detachment Strategic Plan 2023-2026: On a blue background with an RCMP and City of Burnaby logo there are pictures, including runners from the Law Enforcement Torch Run posing with banners and a flag, a police officer carrying a sign that says ‘police search in progress’, officers in Red Serge holding flags outdoors, an officer outside Metrotown SkyTrain station writing in his notebook, a mascot bear wearing a Red Serge holding a toy and posing in a toy store, two officers giving the thumbs up while holding the Pride Flag, a group of four people in yellow ‘Cops for Cancer’ biking uniforms standing beside two police officers, a police officer with  the words <q>Gang Enforcement Burnaby</q> standing near the open trunk of a vehicle at night

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