Burnaby joining RCMP Race-Based Data Collection pilot project


2024-03-28 09:00 PDT

The Burnaby RCMP is pleased to announce that it has been chosen to take part in the RCMP’s Disaggregated Race-Based Data pilot project.

The national Race-Based Data Collection Initiative aims to collect, analyse and report race-based data to better understand the experiences of Indigenous, Black and other racialized individuals and communities in their interactions with police.

The collection of race-based data aims to provide evidence-based information to help improve how the RCMP provides services to diverse communities across the country.

Specifically, the pilot will seek to:

The Burnaby RCMP will launch the pilot on April 1, 2024, joining detachments already taking part in the initiative, including Whitehorse, Yukon; Wood Buffalo (Fort McMurray), Alberta; and Thompson, Manitoba.

See previous media release (2024-01-09): RCMP launches Race-Based Data Collection pilot project

While the pilot is underway, officers will record perceived information about an individual’s race or Indigenous identity in specific policing interactions. The collection of race-based data will be based on a police officer's perception of an individual’s race or Indigenous identity, based on appearance and other information known to the officer at the time of the interaction.

Following the data-collection period, the information will be analyzed and released to the public. The pilot will focus on arrests, wellness checks, and use of force, with the goal of understanding and addressing any disparities in outcomes.

For additional background on this initiative please visit the project webpage: RCMP Race-Based Data Collection Initiative.

The Burnaby RCMP was selected to participate in the pilot based on several factors, including the diversity of our community, and the engagement of detachment employees during visits by the National RCMP’s pilot project team.

This project has been undertaken carefully and thoughtfully following two years of consultation across the country. The Burnaby RCMP is pleased to be contributing to this pilot, as we believe it’s an important step in continuing to build trust and more inclusive communities for everyone, said Burnaby RCMP Officer in Charge, Chief Supt. Graham de la Gorgendiere.

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