Burnaby RCMP continues Commercial Vehicle Enforcement initiative, 2023 stats are in


2024-01-31 13:12 PST

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Burnaby RCMP’s Traffic Services, along with 10 partner agencies, continued to prioritize road safety in 2023. Throughout the year, they conducted 50 planned commercial vehicle enforcement operations across the Lower Mainland.

A police officer wearing a dark blue baseball cap and a yellow traffic jacket inspects the tire of a commercial vehicle.

Here are the numbers for 2023:

Though the percentage of trucks placed out of service has inched down slightly this past year, there is still a lot of room for road safety improvement, said Corporal Mike Kalanj with the Burnaby RCMP. This integrated team will continue to enforce commercial vehicle safety violations, while educating drivers where necessary.

Burnaby RCMP's Traffic Services also conducted enforcement on its own within Burnaby:

See last year’s release for the 2022 stats: 2023-01-17

Along with Burnaby RCMP's Traffic Services, a special thanks goes out to all the LMD CVE members:

Pilot Project

Burnaby RCMP’s Traffic Services balances Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) within its traffic enforcement duties. In October 2023, a one-year pilot project dedicating a police officer to focus solely on leading the detachment’s commercial vehicle safety efforts was initiated to enhance education, enforcement and compliance.

In 2024, Burnaby RCMP looks forward to leveraging its new CVE pilot program and expanding education efforts as part of its overall strategy to improve road safety.

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