Holiday package theft: Arrest made, luxury stroller recovered by Burnaby RCMP’s Prolific Offender Suppression Team


2021-12-02 10:41 PST

File # 2021-41250

Woman exiting a vehicle just before she steels a package from a porch

Burnaby RCMP is urging the public to take steps to protect packages and deliveries, as the holiday season historically brings an increase in thefts, with opportunistic thieves targeting unattended deliveries.

On November 24, an Amazon package containing a stroller worth more than $1,500 was stolen from the front doorstep of a home in Surrey.

Part of the theft, which was reported to police, was caught on security camera.

The video shows a vehicle with its trunk already open pulling up to a doorstep with a large box sitting out front. Within moments, a woman from the vehicle grabs the package and is seen on camera jamming the box into the car. The suspect’s face and car’s license plate were not clearly captured in the video.


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A car pulls up and a woman exits the vehicle, takes a large package from the porch and places it in the trunk of the car.


The next day, the victim of the theft noticed what she believed to be the same stolen stroller for sale on an online marketplace.

She contacted police, and it was determined that the listing was based in Burnaby. Burnaby RCMP’s Prolific Offender Suppression Team (POST) took conduct of the investigation after identifying a male suspect.

On November 26, a search warrant was executed at the suspect’s home in Burnaby.

The stroller, which was still in its original box was recovered from the home, along with a stolen Mercedes Benz used in the theft.

The suspect, who is known to police, was arrested for possession of stolen property, dangerous driving, breach of conditions, and on an unrelated warrant.

He has been released with a future court date.

Police are still working to identify the female suspect seen in the surveillance video. She has tattoos on both hands. Anyone with information on her identity is asked to call Burnaby RCMP at 604-646-9999 and quote file #21-41250.

Our Prolific Offender Suppression Team worked quickly and was thankfully successful in being able to reunite the victim with her stolen stroller, said Cpl. Mike Kalanj with Burnaby RCMP. In this case, even a security camera system wasn’t enough to deter thieves. We are urging everyone to take precautions with deliveries over the holidays.

Protect yourself from package theft

Unfortunately, the theft of packages often increases around the holiday season, as thieves, sometimes known as ‘porch pirates’, look for easy opportunities to steal unattended items.

Burnaby RCMP’s Crime Prevention Unit is encouraging the public to take proactive steps to protect packages they are receiving:

Even small steps can make a big difference in protecting packages from holiday Grinches that want to put your hard-earned holiday purchases under their own tree, said Kalanj.

Anyone victimized by package theft in Burnaby is urged to report the incident to police at 604-646-9999.


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A crime prevention specialist from the Burnaby RCMP discusses ways you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of theft.

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