Fall road safety: Burnaby RCMP urges caution on the roads, and urges pedestrians to carry ID


2021-10-20 14:27 PDT

With fall here and the winter months just around the corner, Burnaby RCMP is urging drivers and pedestrians to use extra caution on our roadways. Police are also asking that pedestrians carry identification whenever possible.

Statistically, this is the most dangerous time of year for pedestrians on our roads. According to ICBC, nearly half of all pedestrian fatalities in B.C. occur between October and January. Nearly three-quarters of crashes involving pedestrians happen in intersections.

Several factors, including a decrease in daylight hours and rainy weather contribute to the spike in crashes.

Tips for drivers

Tips for safe walking

For more pedestrian-safety tips, click HERE.

Carry Your ID

In 2020, Burnaby RCMP’s Criminal Collision Investigation Team conducted numerous investigations. On six occasions, the victim, or someone involved in the collision, was not carrying identification.

Whether its hospital staff having access to a victim’s personal medical history, or being able to locate a family member for support, having your identification with you is essential.

If you are a victim in a collision and cannot speak for yourself, having personal identification can help investigators and your family immensely, said Corporal Mike Kalanj of the Burnaby RCMP. We urge anyone heading out to take the simple step of grabbing their ID before they leave the house.  

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