Burnaby RCMP’s role in ongoing demonstrations


2021-10-01 12:52 PDT

For years, Burnaby RCMP has remained engaged in demonstrations in Burnaby related to opposition of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

The following Q & A is meant to ensure the public and the media are aware of Burnaby RCMP’s policing role in ongoing demonstrations related to the project.

This document may be added-to as necessary to reflect new questions that may arise.

What is Burnaby RCMP’s role in demonstrations and enforcement?

Burnaby RCMP is an impartial party in demonstrations related to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

In 2018, the Supreme Court of British Columbia granted an Injunction Order to Trans Mountain, preventing work and access from being impeded or obstructed.

Demonstrators have a right to lawful, peaceful and safe protest and Trans Mountain has a right to complete its work. Burnaby RCMP is working to ensure that the rights of all parties are protected and that all parties and the public are kept safe.

By law, Burnaby RCMP has an obligation to enforce the court’s Injunction Order.

Burnaby RCMP officers are continuing to monitor the demonstrations to ensure the safety of everyone, and will make every attempt to resolve issues peacefully.

The RCMP will take a measured approach in response to breaches of the Injunction Order, criminal offences, federal law violations and provincial regulatory offences, within the usual limits of police discretion.

Between March of 2018 and October 1, 2021, 249 arrests have occurred in Burnaby for breaching the Injunction Order.

How are police ensuring demonstrators are safe?

The RCMP uses a measured and scalable response to civil disobedience and unlawful acts, using only the level of force necessary to ensure the safety of all citizens, enforce laws and to maintain peace, order and security.

In some cases, specially trained officers, like those specializing in high-angle rescue, may assist with arrests to ensure safety.

Where can I see the Injunction Order?

Click here to request a copy of the Injunction Order.

Who are the people wearing uniforms with the letters DLT on them?

These are the RCMP’s Division Liaison Team (DLT). This team is responsible for outreach efforts to those involved with the demonstrations. The DLT works with those involved in the demonstration with the objective that any demonstration is carried out safely for all those involved. More information about the DLT can be found here.

Where can I receive updates about the ongoing policing of demonstrations in Burnaby?

Follow Burnaby RCMP on Twitter @BurnabyRCMP or visit our website.

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