Burnaby RCMP emphasize the importance of pre-trip inspections for commercial vehicles


2021-06-30 15:32 PDT

For over a year, the Burnaby RCMP has been making commercial vehicle safety a priority for our traffic enforcement.

In an effort to take further steps to seeing safer roadways and to improving commercial vehicle safety, we felt the need to clearly detail the rules and regulations surrounding pre-trip inspections/reports and the importance of conducting them.

Prior to entering the roadway each day, every commercial vehicle must have a pre-trip inspection conducted on it, which falls under S. 37.22 of the MVAR (Motor Vehicle Act Regulations). The person conducting this inspection must satisfy himself or herself of the safe operating condition of the following:

Prior to entering the roadway, there are certain requirements for those who must complete a pre-trip inspection. These requirements are found under S. 37.23 of the MVAR. In this section, the MVAR clearly details those who do and do not need to complete a daily pre-trip inspection report.

Those that must complete a pre-trip inspection report are:

Of those that are required to complete a pre-trip inspection report, there are certain mandatory points that must be in the report:

Safety is the key component in conducting pre-trip inspections.

In 2020, our officers observed 766 individual vehicle defects. The majority of these defects should have been noted and fix during a full and complete pre-trip inspection.

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