Burnaby RCMP warn residents of two popular scams during Fraud Prevention Month


2021-03-19 08:15 PDT

File # 2021-0

The Burnaby RCMP would like to remind residents to be vigilant when releasing personal information after receiving several reports of two scams.

The first scam involves the scammer gaining access to the victim’s name and cell phone number, most often by stealing mail. The scammer will then call the cell phone provider and impersonate the victim to gain access to their account and port the phone number to another SIM card and phone. Once access is gained, the scammer then downloads a series of the most popular and most attractive applications. They will select the 'Forgot Password' button on all applications. If an account is associated to your phone number or email address, the fraudster will receive a verification code. They will then use this code to confirm ownership of the account, create their own password and takeover the accounts.

With this information, they may:

To better protect yourself from this type of scam:

The second scam involves the scammer posting an advertisement for a rental property. An unsuspecting renter responds to the ad and often agrees to meet with an individual who identifies themselves as the landlord. After viewing the property, the renter again meets with the landlord to deliver a sum of money to pay for rent and the initial damage deposit. The renter signs an agreement, is provided a key to the residence and a date to take occupancy. When the renter attempts to move in, they are met by the real owner of the property and told the home is not available for rent.

Alternatively, the landlord answers the renter’s response to the ad and tells the renter he/she lives overseas. The landlord often reassures the renter by providing copies of their passport and/or drivers license (which are most often believed to be fraudulent). Once the renter has transferred money by internet e-transfer, money order/wire, Bitcoin and other means, the landlord will stop contact.

To better protect yourself from this type of scam:

For more information about how to protect yourself from scams and fraud, please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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