COVID-19 Enforcement Update - November


2020-12-03 15:23 PST

To ensure our community is informed about enforcement actions through the COVID-19 pandemic, Burnaby RCMP is releasing monthly updates summarizing actions taken under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act. (CRMA)

On November 1st, officers responded to a complaint of a rave. Approximately 40 people attended the rave. The small area did not allow for physical distancing, attendees were not wearing masks and were consuming alcohol. A ticket was issued to the organizer of the rave.

On November 15th, officers issued a ticket at a residential party. Thirty people were in attendance at a residence that houses four people. Physical distancing guidelines were not being followed and masks were not being worn.

On November 15th, along with Burnaby Bylaw, CCET attended a large apartment party with 58 people present. The party was in contravention of the CRMA and a ticket was issued to one of the residents.

On November 21st, officers attended a small apartment after receiving a noise complaint at 2 am. Upon attendance, police were met with aggression. The party was in contravention of the CRMA. A ticket was issued to the resident of the apartment.

On November 22nd, at 2:30 a.m., a ticket was issued to a resident hosting a house party in contravention of the CRMA. The resident had received a ticket in September for the same offence.

Regular patrols are continuing through businesses by Burnaby RCMP’s COVID Compliance Enforcement Team (CCET) and City of Burnaby bylaw officers.

Burnaby RCMP first responders and CCET responded to a combined total of 46 complaints and issued 5 CRMA tickets in the month of November. This does not include the numerous restaurant, lounge and business checks conducted by CCET.

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