COVID-19 Enforcement Update – October


2020-11-06 12:05 PST

To ensure that our community is informed about enforcement actions through the COVID-19 pandemic, Burnaby RCMP is releasing monthly updates summarizing actions taken under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act. (CRMA)

In October, Burnaby RCMP issued two tickets in our City under the CRMA.

The two tickets were issued at the same Karaoke Bar which was continuing to operate in contravention of the CRMA. These tickets were issued by the same Burnaby RCMP Frontline officer in the early hours of October 10 and in the late evening of October 17, 2020. Karaoke is specifically prohibited and the officer also witnessed a number of people not distancing or wearing masks at the location. The fines issued totalled $4,600.

Regular patrols are continuing through businesses by Burnaby RCMP’s COVID Compliance Enforcement Team (CCET) and City of Burnaby bylaw officers. Officers are noting a high level of compliance with public health orders. 

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