Police investigating after spitting incidents


2020-06-29 14:03 PDT

File # 2020-24703

Burnaby RCMP is investigating alleged incidents of assault after two police officers were allegedly spit on.

On Friday June 26, 2020, Burnaby RCMP Frontline officers responded to a residence in the 7000-block of Elwell Street after a report that a resident in the home was destroying property. Police attended and located the man who was the subject of the call.

The man was confrontational with police and at one point during the incident was observed drinking his own urine. After being engaged in conversation for nearly an hour, the man was apprehended safely under the Mental Health Act and walked out of the house with police officers. While he was on his way out he is alleged to have assaulted the officer by spitting on her.

The man was brought to hospital and was certified by a physician. He is facing potential charges of assault of a police officer.

This incident came one week after another Burnaby police officer was exposed to a communicable disease in an alleged spitting incident in the City.

Early on the morning of June 19, the officer responded to a report from a Burnaby resident who was concerned for the safety of a woman who was yelling at people and passing cars near Edmonds Street and Kingsway. This woman was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and safely transported to Burnaby Hospital where she was certified by a physician.

Before leaving the hospital, security staff requested police assistance with a different woman who was causing a disturbance outside the emergency room. The officer helped in the apprehension of this second woman, who was being resistant with security staff and other responding officers.

While being restrained to allow for hospital staff to provide treatment, the suspect turned her head toward the officer and is alleged to have assaulted the officer by spitting straight into her eyes and face.

The following day, the same female suspect was again the subject of a call for service from police and is alleged to have assaulted a security guard at the hospital during her discharge.

Assault charges have also been forwarded in relation to these incidents.

Our primary concern is the safety of everyone involved, says Corporal Mike Kalanj with Burnaby RCMP. Despite being faced with dangers such as potentially contracting disease, our Frontline police officers do not hesitate in assisting the people involved in these types of calls in getting the treatment and help they need.

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