Deanne Burleigh, Officer in Charge of the Burnaby RCMP, responds to global events


2020-06-05 11:29 PDT

File # 2020-0

In Burnaby, we are proud of the diverse, multi-cultural community that we serve and as a police agency we endeavour to reflect this diversity through the police officers and staff we have working at our detachment.

I am proud to lead a police agency that does not discriminate in its treatment of the citizens of our community. In Burnaby, our response to calls for service does not differ based on the skin colour, faith or background of those involved. Instead we rely on the circumstances of each individual call and the professionalism of our well trained police officers to determine our response.

I commit that we will continue to listen to our community leaders from all faiths, backgrounds, cultures and race and to turn what they are telling us into learning for police officers and staff at our detachment.

Can we do more? Absolutely.

I think what is occurring in the United States is causing each of us to dig deep and think about whether we have done enough in our personal and professional lives to root out racism and discrimination. To that end I ask that members of our community who have something they want to share or should they wish to give us feedback on the job that we are doing in the community to come forward and speak with us. You will be heard.

I would also like to share with you the statement by the Commanding Officer of the BC RCMP, Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Strachan: BC RCMP response to global events and demonstrations

Without the faith of the public we cannot do our job and it is our role to ensure that we continue to police with this in mind.

Chief Superintendent Deanne Burleigh
Officer in Charge, Burnaby RCMP

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