Quick response leads to arrest after business break in


2020-04-06 08:44 PDT

File # 2020-14160

The Burnaby RCMP took a 48 year-old Surrey man into custody after responding to a break-in on early Saturday morning.

At around 1 a.m. police responded after a report from a security company that was monitoring CCTV for a business. The man allegedly broke into a closed business in South Burnaby and was attempting to steal cable.

Burnaby RCMP frontline officers quickly responded and coordinated resources to surround the area.

"With many businesses being closed during the COVID-19 crisis, our officers have increased their patrols," said Cpl. Brett Cunningham. "We have now dedicated additional officers from our Community Response and Prolific Offender Suppression Teams to patrol commercial areas where empty businesses could be targeted."

Upon seeing police, the man attempted to flee in a small moving truck. With police having blockaded the area, the man had nowhere to go and crashed his vehicle through the gate of a nearby industrial complex. The man then exited the vehicle and attempted to run, but was quickly taken into custody by officers after a short foot pursuit.

"If criminals think they can take advantage of businesses during this crisis they’ve come to the wrong City," said Cpl. Brett Cunningham. The current COVID-19 crisis has not affected our frontline response in any way and our officers will catch up with you.

Today, Burnaby RCMP is also launching a poster campaign for businesses to help deter any potential crime which may occur while they are closed.

We know that our local business community is hurting right now with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and we want them to know that the Burnaby RCMP is going to be there for them, says Chief Superintendent Deanne Burleigh. We’re calling on Burnaby residents to help us deter any crime to these businesses by being an extra set of eyes and ears for us in the community.

If you see any suspicious behaviour such as individuals looking into windows of closed stores, or trying to open doors please immediately contact police. In addition, business owners are asked to ensure the following has been done at their premises:

• All windows are clear of merchandise
• No cash is left on site
• Good locks are securing all doors and windows
• Alarms are armed and security cameras are in good working order
• Lights on the exterior of the business are working

Police are also asking that if you own a business in the community that you are checking on it regularly, ensuring that exterior lights, cameras and locks have not been damaged or removed.Burnaby RCMP is working with the local business community through organizations such as the Burnaby Board of Trade, North Road BIA and Burnaby Heights Merchants Association to ensure that this advice and posters are distributed to businesses. To access a high resolution version of the poster please click the link below. 

Poster 1

Poster 2

Once again, during these uncertain times, we must stress the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the police, let’s all work to help our business community get through this time safely.

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