Annual Performance Plan (APP)

The RCMP is a progressive, transparent and proactive organization which believes in working in partnership with the communities it serves. One way the RCMP accomplishes this is by completing an Annual Performance Plan (APP).

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Annually, by April 1st, each Commander must solicit input from their local residents, stakeholders, community leaders and organizations to capture the needs, concerns and issues of their communities. While priorities such as traffic and youth are common, we recognize that each community has unique needs. As priorities can change rapidly, this information is used to ensure that our policing services are meeting the demands of the citizens we serve.

The APP was originally created as the result of both external and internal business needs. Externally, the Auditor General of Canada issued a report in November of 2005 on the RCMP’s contract policing with several recommendations regarding how the RCMP could improve local community consultation, accountability and risk management. There was also a need to streamline the way Detachment Commanders and Unit Commanders consulted and validated their community plans with mayors, council and key stakeholders. The APP must be signed by a senior official from the municipality or community. This is generally the Mayor, Band Chief, or Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and serves as an assurance to RCMP senior management that the community is satisfied and supportive of the plan.

The APP assists Detachment Commanders and Unit Commanders by integrating a series of once separate management tools (Priority Setting, Community Plans, Quality Assurance, Risk Management) into a single online software system.

On a quarterly basis Detachment Commanders and Unit Commanders review their APPs to track the performance of their community plans. These APPs are also reviewed by senior management teams to ensure oversight and accountability. While the APP is an overall policing plan for the community, its successful implementation is used when assessing the individual performance of the Commander.


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