Are you meant to be a Mountie? The RCMP is hiring for police officers in BC!


2023-11-17 12:47 PST

Become an RCMP officer:How to apply Congratulations on taking the first step to a rewarding career!Are you meant to be a Mountie? The RCMP is seeking motivated team players who are strong communicators, enjoy working with diverse communities, are physically fit and possess strong leadership abilities. Applicants from B.C. wishing to join the RCMP are guaranteed to come back to work in British Columbia. Step 1:   Online ApplicationApplicants can get started by creating a GC jobs (Government of Canada jobs website) account online to begin their application.  The RCMP job posting for police officers can be found by searching for <q>police officer</q> in the job title field. Step 2: Attend a career presentationThe Career Presentation is a mandatory requirement in the application process and gives applicants a chance to hear from RCMP Recruiters about the many exciting opportunities for a career as a Regular Member. The presentation also includes details on what to expect in the recruitment process and how to best prepare for each stage. Step 3: Online AssessmentAfter attending the Career Presentation, applicants will have an opportunity to complete the RCMP Online Entrance Assessment. A link will be sent to applicants by email and they will have up to 14 days to complete the assessment.Step 4: Forms and DocumentsAfter successfully completing the RCMP online assessments, applicants will be asked to submit all their required forms and documents within 2 days. Step 5: InterviewsThis stage of the process evaluates applicants with the core competencies, core values, and traits required of an RCMP police officer. This stage consists of two interviews: the RMAQ (Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire) Interview and the RFI (Right Fit Interview).Step 6: Background ChecksPrevious and current employers and personal references will be contacted as part of the Background Check stage of the application process. This step helps verify an applicant’s honesty. A polygraph exam may also be administered. Step 7: Medical & Psych AssessmentsApplicants will need to meet with RCMP-designated physicians and psychologists for a complete health assessment. This process includes medical (clinical health history, physical examination, lab tests, vision and hearing assessments) as well a psychological examination.Step 8: Field InvestigationsThe final step in the application process is a field investigation and security assessment. The RCMP will conduct a thorough investigation into an applicant’s background to help assess their suitability. Once successful, they will receive a security clearance.Step 9: DepotOnce an applicant has passed all the application and assessment steps, they will be contacted to attend the RCMP Cadet Training Program. Upon successful completion of the 26-week Cadet Training Program (CTP), cadets will be offered employment with the RCMP and given peace officer status.

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Are you interested in a policing career, filled with opportunity, travel and world-class training? There is no other police force in Canada that provides the levels of services and variety offered by the RCMP. With over 150 specializations a career with the RCMP is full of opportunity for continued learning and growth.

If you want to make a difference in your community and your country, explore what we have to offer.

The RCMP is using a new fitness test will help ensure RCMP officers have the ability to perform the physical demands of police work. While the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation — commonly known as the PARE — has served the RCMP for decades, the new police fitness test is designed to better reflect the realities of the job.

As an applicant, it is extremely important for you to maintain and/or improve your fitness level throughout the application process to ensure your success both at training and in your career as a police officer.

There are four assessments to measure fitness for RCMP duty. Each assessment replicates common, essential, physically demanding tasks that may occur in policing.

The BC RCMP Proactive Recruiting unit will be offering practice PFA sessions on a regular basis. Applicants are encouraged to register and attend these sessions when possible. Although, practice sessions are not mandatory or a requirement for applicant, practising the PFA before starting at Depot will help applicants prepare for the rigors of training and policing.

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