Distracted driving legislation reminder

man texting on phone while driving

Distracted driving is preventable

BC laws states that drivers cannot:

Anytime you are holding your device in your hand, or when you are taking your eyes off of the road to manipulate buttons on that device, it is considered using the device. This is subject to a $368 fine under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Using an electronic device includes:

(only required to be doing one of these actions to commit an offence)

What is an "electronic device" ?

Did you know?

If you are listening to music on your phone or electronic device, the following applies:

If you are speaking to someone on your phone or electronic device, the following applies:

You can’t eat a bowl of soup while driving. Drive without due care = $368 Fine + 6 points

Female eating noodles while driving 


  1. I can text or talk while stopped at a red light - False. The law applies even when you are stopped at a red light.

  2. I can multitask because I am a great driver - False. Even a great driver needs to have their full attention focused on driving. You are not in control of the environment around you. Roadways are very dynamic environments with situations and circumstances that can change quickly.

  3. Everyone can use a bluetooth - False. Graduated Licence class 7 drivers or those who are required to display an L or N on the vehicle may not use any electronic device at all, including hands free or GPS.

  4. Distracted driving only applies to electronic devices - False.  It includes, but is not limited to; eating, drinking, reading, passengers and pets, playing with your vehicles gadgets and yes, flossing your teeth or curling you hair.

  5. It is an emergency so I can use my phone - Maybe. The only time you are exempt from using your phone for an emergency is if you are calling 9-1-1. Even in this case, you should pull over as soon as you can to make your call.


Remember: Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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