Stop ransomware

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How it happens

  1. User clicks on link or opens attachment in spam/spoofed email, or
  2. User unknowingly visits malicious/compromised website, or
  3. User plugs in infected device (e.g., USB key or USB hard drive).
  4. Cybercriminal installs malware through another vulnerability such as remote access.
  5. Malware is released and infection spreads.
  6. Computer is locked and message appears demanding payment to unlock files or system.
  7. This can happen on a single computer or an entire network.
  8. A message will warn that only the scammer can decrypt the files. Not true! Visit links below for more guidance

Protect and prevent

Paying is not a guarantee that your computer or network will be unlocked. It is better to protect your systems and with measures that help prevent infection.

Large businesses - a multi-point approach is best

Small businesses - a two-point approach is effective

Home user - one step provides necessary protection

Follow good cyber hygiene rules

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