Safer ways to sell your firearms

Online marketplaces and websites designed for individual selling give consumers an easy and convenient way to sell their belongings from the comfort of their own home. However, there are also pitfalls associated to online selling that consumers need to be aware of, especially when selling their firearms.

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What we want firearms owners to remember is that the more people use these electronic services, the more information we inadvertently give away. The more people who know you have firearms, the higher the chance you will be at risk for having them stolen.

Here are some safety tips and suggestions if you are thinking of selling your firearms:

There are also local businesses who are willing to assist firearms owners with the sales of their guns, providing services such as consignment or online brokerage. While both of these options require the seller to pay a fee, it does provide you a safe way to keep the sale of your firearm away from your residence.

Some other things for firearms owners to consider are:

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