2021 Crime Stats Quarter 2

Important Note: On January 1, 2019 revisions to the national Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Survey came into effect, including new definitions of "founded" and "unfounded" incidents. Under the new UCR Survey rules, founded occurrences now include all reported offences unless there is evidence to confirm the incident did not take place. Previously, offences that could not be substantiated with evidence were not included in a city’s crime statistics. These changes will have an impact on crime statistics for all police agencies across Canada and, as such, crime statistics in 2019 are not directly comparable to crime statistics in previous years. Learn more about these changes on the Statistics Canada website.

Second Quarter Crime Stat Report 2021

Q2 Apr - Jun

Occurred Offences Q2 2021Occurred Offences Q1 2021% Change Q2-Q1 2021


1110300120 3ncnc0-0.5 0%
Violent Crimes 1367812723355791139898219152920%-20%30%6%9%
Assault 663453125228053384297023025%-11%26%29%22%
Attempted Murder 000101000000ncncncncnc
Kidnapping / Abduction 41020741140100%0%-100%-50%-30%
Robbery 4127014403120190%nc-33%-42%-26%
Sexual Offences451526353467111290%-17%114%136%83%
Property Crimes472395332910621154354242951115722769%-7%13%-18%-7%

Total Break & Enter (All)

Break & Enter - Business172326450111222833730156-23%-18%-21%-38%-29%
Break & Enter - Residential812172306013252236096-38%-52%-23%-36%-38%
Fraud (total)6043507622316142411112257-2%2%22%-32%-10%
Identity theft / Fraud76810031124627150-42%50%33%-63%-38%
Mischief (Property)6145569012536944311040248-12%2%81%-13%2%
Possession of Stolen Property22272153319016-33%-33%100%-22%-6%
Shoplifting 77467318044849665378049857%-30%40%-16%-10%
Theft from Vehicle 149137104165055511913491201454925%2%14%-18%1%
Theft of Motor Vehicle 211420200751424134509650%-42%54%-56%-22%
Theft over $500030100431330100%-100%-67%-100%-60%
Theft Under $5000 312821900170352920761161-11%-3%5%18%6%
Other Criminal Code Offences100841072977595120941052599587-17%-11%2%15%1%
Breach / Bail Violations967253501071823058-10%-14%-61%9%-14%
Cause a Disturbance75627316813798364641510362-10%-3%14%11%5%
Weapons Offences6612122386712150400%-14%0%-20%-5%
Total CC608473459114311269454852239313348280511%-9%17%-14%-4%
Cocaine Possession213801421160100%0%200%33%40%
Marijuana Possession000000000000ncncncncnc
Marijuana Production000000000000ncncncncnc
Total CDSA2011144639423111142087-13%0%27%10%8%

Data Qualifiers: CAST extraction (Source: PRIME) Founded UCR Group1-4 by occurred date.

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