Burnaby RCMP Traffic Services sees increase in excessive speeders, reminds drivers to slow down


2023-10-25 10:57 PDT

File # 2023-36984

Burnaby RCMP Traffic Services has continued to increase its efforts to reduce high risk driving behaviour with proactive enforcement.

Despite their efforts, Burnaby RCMP Traffic Services has seen an increase in excessive speeding.

As a recent example, on October 21, while conducting speed enforcement, a Burnaby RCMP Traffic Services officer stopped a motorcyclist on Gaglardi Way, travelling at 127 km/h. This is 67 km/h over the posted limit.

Speed gun with the number 127 on it and a motorcycle in the background.

Driving at such a high speed creates a major safety hazard for all road users, including the motorcyclist, who would be unlikely to survive a crash, and could potentially kill or seriously injure themselves or other road users, said Cpl. Eduardo Faustino, with Burnaby RCMP Traffic Services. This type of driving behaviour is not acceptable.

The motorcyclist was given a violation ticket and had their motorcycle impounded for 7 days.
Excessive speeding is considered 41 km/h over the posted speed limit. When a driver is found to be driving at an excessive speed they will be issued a violation ticket and a 7-day vehicle impoundment. The violation ticket amount can range from $368 to $483. 

During the month of August, Burnaby RCMP Traffic Services conducted 29 dedicated speeding enforcement operations in Burnaby. As a result, 17 excessive speeding tickets were issued, which at that time was considered above average. On August 18 and 19, officers stopped violators going 126 km/h and 137 km/h respectively, in a 60km/h zone on Gaglardi Way, more than double the posted speed limit.

Burnaby RCMP Traffic Services continued their efforts in September, where they again saw an increase in the number of excessive speeding violations with corresponding 7-day vehicle impoundments. During September’s enforcement efforts 89 excessive speeders were fined.
As the days get shorter and the weather worsens, Burnaby RCMP would like to remind all road users to use extra caution.

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