Burnaby RCMP want to help you keep your loved ones safe as the weather warms up


2022-07-21 13:27 PDT

With summer upon us, Burnaby RCMP would like to remind the public to take extra precautions to keep your loved ones and your home safe.

Secure the windows in your home

As the weather warms up, household windows tend to be open more often. Burnaby RCMP would like to remind parents and anyone with young children in their lives to keep their windows secure and safe. The thought of a child falling out of a window is terrifying, but it happens, so take all measures to prevent this from happening.

Some tips on keeping your home more secure for young children:

For more tips, follow the LINK

Do not leave children or pets in your vehicle

It is never safe to leave your child unattended in your vehicle, but when the temperature rises, it is even more dangerous.

When it’s warm or hot outside, it’s even hotter inside your vehicle. Leave your pet at home.

Even a couple of minutes is too long to leave a pet or child in your vehicle.

For more tips, follow the LINK

Limit the opportunities for thieves by keeping your home locked and safe

Burnaby RCMP are asking residents of our city to limit opportunities for thieves looking to take advantage of an open door, window or garage in your home.

If you’re taking time outside your home to enjoy the sunny weather, please ensure that doors are closed behind you and that accessible windows are secure. Even if you’re just spending time in your garden, it may only take a thief moments to enter your home and leave with a laptop, phone, wallet or other valuables.

While many people diligently lock their doors and windows, one way thieves may gain access to your home is through a garage door, particularly if that garage is attached to your home. If there are valuables stored in your garage, thieves might not bother going any further.

Follow the advice below to prevent becoming a victim:

Extreme Heat Response Plan

In the event of extreme heat, Burnaby RCMP will activate its extreme heat response plan. This plan includes proactive public awareness and outreach patrols to connect homeless and vulnerable community members, as well as others who may need a safe place to cool down.

Read more about heat resources in the City of Burnaby, including cooling centre locations, which are activated during extreme heat here.

Burnaby RCMP will also have care packages to hand out to homeless and vulnerable members of our community.

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