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Block Watch

Block Watch logo that reads Block Watch Area - All Suspicous Activities Reported to Police

Block Watch is a Crime Prevention Program where neighbours pro-actively watch out for each other.

This program encourages neighbours to communicate and get to know each other. Neighbours watch out for each other and their homes by reporting suspicious activity to the police and then to their neighbours. Awareness and reporting of suspicious activity in your neighbour reduces the likelihood of you becoming a victim of crime.


Block Watch asks for two commitments:

  1. Be concerned about your neighbourhood’s property, as well as your own; and
  2. When you see suspicious activity, take action by calling the police and your neighbours

Block Watch is not:

  • chasing burglars
  • patrolling your neighbourhood
  • following suspects
  • going to meetings

WHO can join Block Watch?

Anyone who is genuinely interested in preventing crime in their neighbourhood can join. To form a Block Watch Neighbourhood, someone must volunteer to become the Captain. All Captains and Co-Captains must pass a security clearance before starting a Block Watch group in their neighbourhood.

WHY join?

Neighbourhoods with an active Block Watch show a significant decrease in crime in their area. Past results have shown a 60% decrease in crime! Other benefits include: 

  • learn how to recognize and report suspicious behaviour
  • qualify to receive email alerts and safety information
  • receive Block Watch street signs and stickers for your doors
  • home security assessment
  • feeling of safety and pride in your community
  • discount on insurance (certain insurance companies only)
  • meet some new friends!

HOW to join a Block Watch

The Block Watch program focuses on residential homes and strata owned properties.
To find out more information about the program visit External link, opens in a new or contact the Burnaby RCMP Block Watch Coordinator at 604-294-7781 or 604-294-7695 or by email.