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Broken window of car

Do not give thieves a chance

Burnaby - The Burnaby RCMP wants to create awareness around this year’s Crime Prevention Week in British Columbia by identifying emerging issues in the city.

Public assistance needed in identifying suspect in stabbing

Burnaby - The Burnaby RCMP is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect in a stabbing incident that occurred last month.

sketch of suspect

Burnaby RCMP seeks help in identifying suspect

Burnaby - Burnaby RCMP is appealing to the public for any information regarding a possible attempted abduction that occurred on January 17, 2016.

suspect vehicle showing damage to passenger side door

Burnaby RCMP investigating staggering number of smash and grabs

Burnaby - Burnaby RCMP is seeking the public's assistance in identifying the person(s) responsible for a series of vehicle smash and grabs that has occurred over the past two months.

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