Always be cautious when sending money online.


2020-08-13 14:18 PDT

File # 2020-30845

A Burnaby resident recently made police aware of a gift card fraud that occurred online. The victim received an email from a friend asking her to buy gift cards and send them to her. After several emails back and forth she bought the cards and sent the codes to her friend. When a request for more cards came, she became suspicious and called her friend who advised that her email had been hacked.

Similar frauds:

I lost my wallet and am stranded, please send money!

There is a warrant for your arrest, send money or you will be arrested.

Your grandson is being held in jail. He needs bail money right away.

What should I do if I receive this type of request?

No reputable company or government agency will ever ask you to pay for anything with gift cards.

What should I do if I am already a victim of fraud?

For more information on different types of fraud and how to report it, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


Fraudsters are always looking to find new ways to gain your trust, says Corporal Mike Kalanj of the Burnaby RCMP, Educate yourself on frauds and scams, then spread that knowledge. 

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